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Salesforce has been well established as the leading CRM platform for enterprises of all sizes and its transformation into a mobile and social platform gives customers the opportunity to engage better with prospects, sell more effectively, and be more responsive to customers.

To take full advantage of Salesforce takes more than giving your employees a login. It requires both a technology change and a real shift in the way the sales or service organizations engage with prospects, customers, and partners. How do you enable that shift in a way that works for your business?

The Regime Solutions Salesforce implementation consultants will engage with you to understand the uniquely diverse business processes of your company. Armed with that knowledge and powered by the expertise they have accumulated on Salesforce across hundreds of implementations our team can build the best possible Salesforce implementation for you.

Our services span the full lifecycle of Salesforce adoption—from defining your future state process to helping you optimize and enhance your Salesforce implementation. They include:

Sales, Service, or Collaboration Roadmaps to help your teams rethink how they engage with prospects, customers, and each other and minimizes the risk of your implementation

Custom configuration, customization, and integration of Salesforce applications with the rest of your enterprise to maximize value in your business

Custom, Apex or mobile custom development to extend Salesforce applications to meet the specific needs and challenges of your business

Regime Solutions Value Wave process to drive continuous long term value from your Salesforce enterprise.